About B Corner

Spanish tailoring at its finest.

My whole life has been cut by the same pattern, composed of two fragments.
The first one: since my childhood I have liked good things.
Despite being a child from a small town, I always chose to have few clothes, but of very good quality. So I would ask my mother: "I don't want twenty pants, I want just one, and I want it to be good."
And although the choices were not plentiful, I got my way every time. 
I never imagined that this same philosophy would accompany me in my adult life, and would give meaning to my entire universe: selected garments, in limited editions and of unparalleled quality.
The second fragment, which is intimately linked to the first, relates that I have always had a passion for garments and their details.
In addition to being good, the little had to be beautiful.
Pleasant, attractive, distinguished and eloquent.
Of course, in my adolescence I never even dreamed of this wonderful present, but looking back, I understand that my path was already made.
A relevant value deserve the support and patience of my mother, since it was thanks to her support that I was able to cultivate and enrich my taste and passion for classic fashion, for timeless garments, for the refined details that elevate and highlight who wears them.
This, my story, nourishes my relation with my BCorner clients every day: some are detail-oriented and demanding like me, which is why we understand each other so well and can indulge ourselves in creating luxurious, incredible pieces that are worn with mastery.
And then there are those who, even if they don't know exactly "what they want", turn to me, to Fede, because they know that I accompany them and help them choose the clothes they need to look impeccable, feeling confident and secure.
That is my raison d'être: to dress gentlemen with confidence and elegance.
I enjoy my universe, I honor my past, and I am fascinated by my present and that is why I invite you to join me, so that together we can create the future of BCorner.
Federico Zanolla